Their key AIDS medication.

AIDS advocates and sufferers protest Abbott Laboratories’ Norvir cost hikes A broad coalition of AIDS advocates and patients should come collectively in protest over Abbott Laboratories’ recent unprecedented 400 percent price hike on Norvir , their key AIDS medication. The activists and Helps advocates will hold a 34-hour vigil and protest before Abbott’s South Pasadena site . AIDS Healthcare Basis , the Southern California HIV Advocacy Coalition , Bienestar, Whittier Rio Hondo Helps Project and several individual Helps activists and patients will interact this vigil. Furthermore, the Organization of HIV Healthcare Suppliers, nationwide group of doctors & providers, has lent their support.Leonard Coldwell, has not only pulled out of the event, he has posted a open public message on his Facebook page as follows: I and all my close friends are taking out of the Alive NY event predicated on the actual fact that they did not keep their promises and duties to my dear friend the co-founder of Alive NY Liana Werner-Gray. They took her money and since it is seen by me they screwed Liana over. All the social people that I contacted are taking out of the event.