The government operations division of Wellness Net

AMCP awards Health Net Federal Services for its education and communication materials Health Net Federal Solutions, LLC, the government operations division of Wellness Net, Inc . , today announced it lately received multiple MarCom Awards for its education and conversation materials from the Association of Marketing & Communication Professionals . AMCP is an international business of a large number of creative professionals, recognizing the very best materials and resources in the business through its MarCom Awards.

Without society’s rigorous focus on this issue, the ‘digital divide’ can separate people who are not really technologically enabled from ideal healthcare delivery, and appropriately, from attaining optimal wellbeing.’ Dr. Shortliffe identifies a Roundtable on Health Disparities held earlier this year by Kaiser Permanente, AMIA, and the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality to focus on public and private guidelines and practice strategies that could mitigate potential disparities in the usage of HIT. Also central to the conference were the roles of health plans and wellness systems in addressing the issues, and relevant analysis priorities. More information about this event is available online at ‘Because technology could cause unintended disparities,’ adds Dr. Shortliffe, ‘it is critical that health policy leaders, public health agencies, provider institutions, and practitioners all function to make sure that equitable and effective implementation of medical systems and health info resources serves a wide community, irrespective of education and economic history, both domestically and in the global wellness arena.’..