The election was controlled.

The election was controlled. Discover my definitive piece here: Now, to earn a accepted place in the white-hat hall of fame, a few very talented hackers need to prove that the California election program, the vote-counting apparatus can be hacked. I’m NOT contacting for anything illegal. In fact, this only works if it’s done before election officials and FBI agents and the FEC. In broad daylight. As it is certainly broadcast to hundreds of millions of people around the world, online.Conducted by researchers at the S.C. Rural Health Research Center at the Arnold School of Public Health, the study found that nearly 32 % of Hispanic kids in rural areas got no dental care in the past year. Twenty-six % of rural dark children had no dental hygiene, accompanied by 23 % of other kids and 22 % of white children. Our country has a band of children suffering oral disease severe enough to constitute a community health problem, said Dr. Amy Brock Martin, the lead writer of Dental Health and Usage of Care among Rural Children: A National and State Survey. Data for the survey originated from the 2003 National Survey of Children’s Health, which used parents’ reports to measure the health insurance and well-being of children from birth to age group 17.