Ten years ago.

Ten years ago,, Cheaper Genome at 15-Minute Genome 2009 Industrial Physics Forum sequencing feature to read the race for faster, cheaper ways of the human genome, is Pacific Biosciences in the hope of having a new benchmark technology, the observed DNA in real time time is copied. The device is to sequence DNA at speeds 20,000 times faster than the second-generation sequencer currently being developed in the market and ultimately will have a price tag of $ 100 per genome.

The Washington Post reports that the question is whether a government a government order that they carry health insurance – an issue to determine the whether universal health care is a success or costly mistakes will – more than the penalty they depend would pay for refusing, many economists say. They say, the teaching of behavioral economics, a school of thought is that people do not necessarily holds well-reasoned decisions from self-interest. It is an approach a strong presence in a strong presence in the Obama White House. .He is now involved in multicentre clinical research in minimal invasive spine surgery.. Baptist Hospital Neuroscience Center is a comprehensive and innovative engineering techniques for diagnosis and management of brain, spine and nervous system. The Centre’s staff include neurosurgeon and other specialists famous for clinical and educational leadership, and special nurses are and clinical professionals. Gonzalez – Arias did served in as the head of Baptist Hospital Department of Surgery and is past president of medical personnel. He has refereed domestic and international on minimally invasive spinal column surgery and stereotactic radiosurgery is.