Steven Fishbane.

Steven Fishbane, M.D news ., Brigitte Schiller, M.D., Francesco Locatelli, M.D., Adrian C. Covic, M.D., Ph.D., Robert Provenzano, M.D., Andrzej Wiecek, M.D., Ph.D., Nathan W. Levin, M.D., Mark Kaplan, M.D., Iain C. Macdougall, M.D., Carol Francisco, Ph.D., Martha R. Mayo, Pharm.D., Krishna R. Polu, M.D., Anne-Marie Duliege, M.D., and Anatole Besarab, M.D. For the EMERALD Study Groups: Peginesatide in Patients with Anemia Undergoing Hemodialysis Partial correction of anemia with erythropoiesis-stimulating agents is definitely a cornerstone of therapy for individuals undergoing dialysis, because these agents increase hemoglobin levels, which results in a decrease in blood-transfusion rates.1,2 Partial correction of anemia provides been reported to improve standard of living also.3 More intensive treatment with ESAs, targeting near-regular hemoglobin amounts, in the standard Hematocrit Study ,4 the Correction of Hemoglobin and Outcomes in Renal Insufficiency study,5 and the Trial to lessen Cardiovascular Events with Aranesp Therapy 6 further reduced the necessity for blood transfusions, but an elevated risk of adverse events was reported .

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