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Activists, care providers, sufferers protest against Senator Nelson’s silence on Helps drug program While Florida continues to add up to 300 people each month to its waiting list for its AIDS Drug Assistance System , ratings of AIDS activists, treatment providers and sufferers will gather at a protest and press briefing hosted by AIDS Healthcare Foundation , Friday, August 13th at 12:00 Noon outside the Tampa offices of United States Senator Costs Nelson . The protesters will blast Senator Nelson for his silence on the Helps drug program issue while so a lot of his constituents are wait-listed and denied usage of lifesaving drugs in Florida.

CT. During energetic surveillance, prostate cancers is properly monitored for signals of progression through regular prostate-specific antigen screening, prostate exams, imaging and sometimes repeat biopsies. If symptoms develop, or if lab tests indicate the cancers is more aggressive, energetic treatment could be warranted. Study Details Publication Number: PD6-04 A Prospective, Longitudinal Active Surveillance Plan for Favorable-Risk Prostate Cancers: Long Term Outcomes: Researchers from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, found energetic surveillance is apparently a safer management strategy for men with favorable risk prostate cancer.