Can make a display on two of the Companys novel anticancer compounds.

Aeterna to provide two novel anticancer substances at Bio Partnering THE UNITED STATES conference Aeterna Zentaris Inc.D., can make a display on two of the Company’s novel anticancer compounds, AEZS-108 and AEZS-129, at Bio Partnering North America on Monday, 28 February, 2011, at 4 p.m. in the West Interacting with Area 218, of the Vancouver Convention Center in Vancouver, Canada. This compound can be currently in Stage 1/2 trials in refractory prostate malignancy and bladder cancer. AEZS-129, an orally-active PI3K inhibitor substance, is in preclinical advancement in oncology.The intra-coronary imaging demonstrates plaque rupture, plaque erosion, intracoronary thrombosis, thin cap fibroatheroma and calcified nodule. Complete and clear microscopic visualization of at fault lesion morphology helps the physicians to come up with an improved risk stratification for ACS. Nevertheless the shallow light penetration of light is considered as a significant drawback of OCT and that is why there has been a advancement of second generation OCT technology termed as frequency-domain OCT in order to overcome the drawbacks of its previous edition.