At the same time colon cancer is the fourth common reason behind cancer related loss of life.

Holger Eickhoff, CEO of SCIENION AG, commented: ‘We have become happy to expand our existing collaboration with BioVendor because of this new task. Getting AIT using its proprietary biomarker panel on board as a third partner is the ideal match for the advancement of colon cancer IVD. Once set up, our test kit has the potential for broad cancer of the colon screening applications.’.. AIT, SCIENION and BioVendor partner to develop in-vitro diagnostic check for colon cancer The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, BioVendor and SCIENION today announced that the three companies will partner on the advancement of an in-vitro diagnostic test for cancer of the colon. The innovative test package shall identify cancer at an early stage based on tumor autoantibody biomarkers.The brand new study, published online Aug. 24 in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, included 385 people, aged 75 and older. All got mild storage and thinking complications and were taking high blood pressure medications. Non-e had serious cardiovascular disease, however. Half of the participants were selected to avoid their high blood pressure treatment randomly, while the spouse continued their medication. Both combined groupings were adopted for four months, relating to a united team led by Dr. Justine Moonen, of Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands. However, by the finish of that time, the Dutch team found no improvement in the individuals’ mental functioning, whether they stopped the medicines or not.