ASEAN stockpiles bird flu drug in Malaysia The Association of South East Asian Nations.

ASEAN in addition has promised to work more closely on tackling cross-border threats such as bird flu by developing a regional approach and by sharing assets. Malaysian Primary Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi offers said the region must be in circumstances of preparedness, and added that the stockpile would be available to any ASEAN country that might require it. Related StoriesHigh dosage flu vaccines reduce hospitalization risk during influenza seasonTaking methods to prevent significantly, drive back fluFlu vaccine significantly decreases stroke riskAlthough bird flu virus remains relatively hard for people to catch and is usually pass on almost exclusively through individual contact with birds, health officials fear it could mutate right into a virus that could move from individual to individual and established off a global pandemic.This is most likely the driest article I’ve ever written, but it may prove to be the most important. It started as a straightforward list, but grew as I understood the topic matter deserved better treatment than usual guerrilla journalism provides. What started as a simple hit and operate piece developed into helpful information for thought criminals. . Will there be anything someone in my situation can do to to begin with plan impeding martial regulation and comprehensive chaos? Or at the very least help inform more people and hope they open their eyes. Waking up is an agonizing process, and once awake, you understand the globe for what it is. It’s shocking just how much everything begins to look like a movie set made completely of cheap facades lacking any actual depth.