Adaptive clinical trials now getting planned at U-M.

‘It requires more preparation for the researchers up front, and more sophisticated statistical evaluation as the trial is certainly going on, but in the finish more study volunteers will be more likely to get the best option for them, and the results will be scientifically sound still,’ says William Meurer, M.D., a U-M crisis physician who’s lead author of the latest JAMA viewpoint article. The ‘adaptive’ method of clinical trial design centers around how sufferers are randomly assigned to one of the two or even more groups in a study. In a non-adaptive trial, everyone who volunteers from the first individual to the last gets assigned with what quantities to a coin toss, and the groups become of similar size.The acquisition of Gadea marks another milestone inside our company's route towards becoming the preeminent provider of custom and complicated drug development services and product to both branded and generic pharmaceutical industry, said William S. Marth, AMRI's president and chief executive officer. This mutually beneficial deal presents an exciting opportunity for our two businesses that builds upon our development, adding a solid portfolio of complicated API which will augment our existing capabilities and services, and new customer romantic relationships that will prolong our global reach. Importantly, I am pleased to welcome Gerardo Gutierrez, Gadea's founder and chief executive officer, who has joined our Panel of Directors.