Acquired resistance to cancer therapies: an interview with Dr Rajendra Kumari.

Imatinib which really is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor currently used as a first-collection treatment for CML, originated by rational drug design to target the hyperactive bcr-abl protein in cells harbouring the Philadelphia chromosome mutation. A Phase I clinical trial found nilotinib to shows activity in situations of CML resistant to treatment with imatinib. Nilotinib can be a TKI possesses 30 times higher potency than imatinib in imatinib-resistant cells. We shall continue to focus on oncology, regions of unmet medical needs especially, and continue to develop patient-relevant models and technology that are better positioned in bringing brand-new anti-cancer medicines to the patient successfully.‘This is simply not just an issue for the UK,’ he said. ‘Populations all over the world are growing older – in particular in southern Asian countries. ‘Having a means of gathering information about dementia perception which is definitely culturally specific could imply that health services could be trained and equipped with resources which are completely highly relevant to the city they are serving.’ The paper, 'Adaptation of the Barts Explanatory Model Inventory to dementia understanding in South Asian ethnic minorities', was published in the journal Mental and Ageing Health.. AXIOM releases HIPAA 5010 compliant version of TransSend AXIOM Systems, Inc. , today announced the overall launch of its HIPAA 5010 compliant version of TransSend, a software program developed for healthcare businesses engaged in HIPAA EDI commerce specifically.