A touch might go quite a distance for preterm babies By Piriya Mahendra.

A touch might go quite a distance for preterm babies By Piriya Mahendra, MedWire Reporter Therapeutic touch may have a protective influence on the autoregulation of cerebral blood flow in preterm neonates in response to pain, report experts. Noritsugu Honda and colleagues discovered that when therapeutic touch was applied to preterm neonates after a low-strength sensory punctuate stimulus, oxy-hemoglobin concentration elevated from 0 article . However, there have been no significant changes in heart rate, arterial oxygen saturation, or body movement with therapeutic contact after a low-intensity sensory punctuate stimulus.

Experts from the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in NEW YORK explained that may mean a fresh target for the first medical diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The scholarly study was published in the latest issue of THE BRAND NEW England Journal of Medication. They studied tumor cells samples from 1,336 women and men with 11 common cancers, including prostate, breasts, colon, pancreatic, lung, liver and ovarian and found the presence of the follicle-stimulating hormone receptor in the bloodstream vessel cells of the tumors. Normally this receptor isn’t found on blood vessels apart from the reproductive organs, where it really is present in much lower concentrations than in tumors, stated the American and French experts.