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With this convenient feature, the technologist can spend additional time at the patient’s part for increased comfort and ease and productivity. ‘Sunnybrook is looking towards this interesting addition of the integrated DX-D 500n DR/CR systems. ‘Agfa HealthCare is pleased and excited to possess Sunnybrook as the 1st site in Canada to install the DX-D 500n. Agfa HealthCare and Sunnybrook have a long-standing working relationship, and the implementation of our DR remedy further solidifies this romantic relationship. The addition of the DX-D 500n alongside Agfa HealthCare’s CR option will improve and simplify the entire general radiography workflow.’ stated Andy Hind, General Supervisor, Agfa HealthCare Canada..Regarding to James P. O’Connell the CEO of ACEA Biosciences, The new HuBiogel-based assays will additional increase the program field for the xCELLigence Program, in low and high-throughput platforms. Dr. Raj Singh, President and CEO of Vivo Biosciences, commented, HuBiogel may be the first commercially obtainable, fully-defined individual – biomatrix, and we have already demonstrated that cellular behaviour can be very different using HuBiogel compared to other types of matrix. Dr. Singh went on to state, We are confident that real-time and powerful monitoring of stem cells or malignancy cells developing in HuBiogel and dynamically monitored by the xCELLigence Program will provide extremely useful and incisive details for basic research as well as drug discovery and advancement..