A health official said Wednesday.

Flu viruses mutate easily, and scientists have been closing viewing for signs that the H1N1 flu virus is normally changing, which will make it more dangerous or more infectious. Shu Yuelong, director of the Chinese National Influenza Middle, told the state Xinhua News Company that the mutated H1N1 flu virus within China was in isolated instances in the mainland, is not resistant to drugs and can be avoided by vaccines. The report did not provide any longer details, such as when the cases had been detected and if they were linked to any deaths. Calls to the National Influenza Middle rang unanswered as the Health Ministry did not immediately react to a faxed list of questions.Our study has several limitations. First, we particularly centered on 100 top-powered SNPs; the vast majority of SNPs in the genomewide association study weren’t tested. Clearly, a far more comprehensive interrogation is certainly warranted. Second, at enrollment, 85 percent of SOCS and SLIC individuals reported recent usage of inhaled glucocorticoids. Nonetheless, we observed a robust response to inhaled glucocorticoids through the common run-in period.