Jegla hopes new avenues of epilepsy investigated whether investigated whether to activate the Kv12

Jegla hopes new avenues of epilepsy investigated whether investigated whether to activate the Kv12.2 potassium channel in normal animals to block seizures. Ion – channel inherited defects seizures have been identified, but many types of epilepsy do not have a genetic cause genetic cause, Jegla explained . If are by environmental factors, by environmental factors, such as a brain injury or a high fever. However, used treat the most effective drugs to treat epilepsy target ion channels. If more about how more about how ion channels influence seizure thresholds, we should be able to better drugs with fewer side effects fewer side effects .

While sodium Seizures and an old Gene Family New research points to a genetic route to understanding and treating epilepsy. Timothy Jegla, an assistant professor of biology at Penn State University, has identified an ancient gene family that plays a role in regulating the excitability of the nerves in the brain. In healthy people, nerves do not fire excessively in response to small stimuli This function enables us to what really matters, focus nerve cells maintain a threshold between rest and excitement, and has an incentive threshold threshold to cause. The nerve cells fire Jegla explained. However, if the threshold is too low, neurons can become hyperactive and fire in synchrony. Since excessive fire spreads through the brain, the result is an epileptic seizure. . Continue reading

The more squares in the array.

As the monkeys performed this task Buschman recorded simultaneously from neurons in two brain regions related to encoding visual perceptions and keep it in mind . As expected, the more squares in the array, the worse the performance. ‘But surprisingly, we know that monkeys found, and by extension human, not on a general ability of the brain,’says Miller. ‘Rather, they have two independent, smaller capacities in the right and left halves of the image space, it was as if two separate brains. The two hemispheres. Investigated on different halves of the visual space ‘.

Normally it takes years or decades to created a major discovery about the brain for all practical implications. From by MIT neuroscientists could for immediate application in the design of more effective cognitive therapy, smarter brain games, better ‘heads up display ‘, and more will be asked. The study on the website of on the website the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on Monday, June 2011. Continue reading

May increase the risk for relapse.

Mild sadness Depressive thinking provoked in some patients curedSome people with a history of depression sink back into thinking patterns with the condition when faced with mild stress or sadness is connected, may increase the risk for relapse, according to a report in the July issue of Archives of General Psychiatry, one of the JAMA / Archives journals.

Overall, they found that of bacteria and fungi in different sizes human occupancy was associated with significantly increased concentrations in the air. Assignment led very large spikes for larger sized particles and medium fungus bacterial particles. The size of the bacteria and fungus-carrying particles is important because size influences the degree of likely from the air or from the air or stay and recirculate, the researchers noted. Peccia size is the master variable said.. Measured Peccia and his research team analyzed and biological particles in a single, ground floor lecture hall for a period of eight days – four days At all times was occupied regularly, and four days if the room was continually empty. At all times, the windows and doors were kept closed. Continue reading