10 Dirty Secrets About the Drug Industry When we go to the doctor.

Simply put, healthful people don’t create revenue. The drug market gets the highest profit margins from creating ‘lifetime users’. 10) Manipulation of ‘clinical research.’ Drug businesses create the drug, then they purchase the clinical analysis used to study its’ safety and efficiency. The public and physicians are resulted in believe that impartial research institutions are conducting the scholarly studies. That today The little known truth is, over 90 percent of security and effectiveness analysis is financed straight by the drug businesses. The drug manufacturers carefully stack the decks in their favor, throw away research that don’t show the required outcomes and put researchers under pressure to ‘get the right results.’ Now, with all of this said.The organization’s work to embed new standards related to cultural competency in the Baccalaureate and Master’s Essentials will help to better equip upcoming nurses to look after an extremely diverse patient populace. Additionally, AACN’s are system administrator for The Robert Wood Johnson New Professions in Nursing Scholarship Program has opened the door for nearly 2,000 brand-new nurses to enter the job, all of whom come from ethnically different and/or disadvantaged backgrounds. AACN’s work to change the face of nursing is having a real effect, and we are proud our collaborative initiatives and strategic partnerships possess resulted in a lot more than $20 million in scholarship financing for minority nursing students since 2006, added Dr.